Individual Therapy

In my work with individuals, I rely on a combination of psychodynamic theory and cognitive behavioral therapy. Through my years of practice, I have learned to tailor my method and approach to the specific individual and his or her unique troubles and concerns. In every case, our work is a collaboration, and our relationship is an important component of the process.

I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, and grief. I work with clients around issues of parenting, life transitions, life satisfaction and aging.

When individuals come to see me, they are often carrying around thoughts, feelings and habits that weigh them down and make it difficult to live a happy and fulfilling life. Together we identify the specific issues, examine and deconstruct the power they have and discover and enable more productive and affirming alternatives. Think of it as a bag we unpack together. We see what is there, decide what to keep and what to discard and generate new and effective ways of doing both. We then work together to re-pack and create a bag that is organized, accessible and life-enhancing.